Behavior Modification:

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you you react! AUTHOR UNKNOWN

Behavior Modification classes are designed to provide each participant with an insight into his/her own behavior patterns as well as the patterns of their family members, customers and co-workers.

  • Uses the DiSCĀ® Personal Profile System
  • Highly Interactive Workshop
  • Practice motivational behavior modification
  • Develop SMART individual goals

Participants have the opportunity to explore the use of behavior modification to make life a home, work and play less stressful and more rewarding. This workshop allows the participants to identify and improve those behaviors that compliment their work environment, as well as identifying and targeting those behaviors that as less productive.

Conflict Resolution:

Walking softly and carrying a big stick is not the only answer to conflict.

This workshop helps participants in effectively dealing with conflict; which requires the verbalizing and management of different perspectives, interests, belief systems and values. Conflict resolution does not always result in the perfect solution for all concerned. Conflict resolution may simply sufficiently align matters to allow each participant to make enough progress toward his or her desired ends.

  • Identifying Conflict
  • Acting as a Mediator
  • Identifying Common Ground/Developing Resolutions
  • Compromising/Negotiating
  • Implementing Solutions

Unresolved conflict costs organizations time and money. After completing the Conflict Resolution Workshop participants will be able to identify conflict and anger, use effective communication skills, and implement solutions, thus allowing them to perform more productively and create an environment with less stress.

Problem Solving:

The mind is like a parachute... if it is not open it does not work!

The purpose of this class is to assist participants in learning and using new and innovative resources to meet challenges. At the completion of this class participants will be able to :

  • Verbalize the advantages and possibilities of using available resources in order to successfully meet challenges.
  • Put into practice and apply innovative methods of meeting challenges.
  • Successfully apply the process that you will use in the work place to meet challenges.
  • Explain the importance of being aware of everyday challenges and productively mastering them on a daily basis.

This workshop will help the participants to utilize new and innovative resources to meet challenges competently.

Selling Skills:

Selling Skills is an excellent class for entry level salespeople or as a refresher course for those who need to revisit those selling skills that have become rusty and ineffective.

  • Avenue to the Sale
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Communication Skills
  • Building a Client Base
  • Winners and Losers

Team Building:

Highly interactive workshop designed to promote and encourage teamwork and collective collaboration for problem solving.

  • The Basics of Teams
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Synergy
  • Activities
  • Persuasion and "BUY IN" Techniques
  • Team Project

The Team Building Workshop enables the participant to, develop creative solutions, improve customer service, increase productivity, and stimulate the overall organizational morale.

Communication Toolbox:

Good communication in today's world is not optional! The classes in the Communication Toolbox are designed to give each participant the necessary tools to dramatically improve communication skills such as the questioning process, overcoming objections, telephone skills and effective communication behaviors, to name a few. Having effective tools for communication allows one to excel in all facets of their life.

Customer Service:

Customer Service training is based on Carl Sewell's "Customer for Life" and the "Knock Your Socks Off Service" series. Commitment to Excellence in any customer service focus organization is a must for assuring customer loyalty and customer enthusiasm.

Effective Leadership:

This workshop is designed to assist participants in taking inventory of their leadership skills and identifying those areas that need improvement. At the completion of the class participants will have a course of action to implement that when followed will enhance their leadership abilities.

Stress Management:

Stress Management is designed to assist participants in recognizing their areas of stress and learning to use their stress coping tools to manage the stress in their lives.

Time Management:

The Time Management Workshop allows the participants to identify and improve areas of time management that will allow them to be more productive.

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