Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching assists professionals in making a smooth successful move during a promotional transition or organizational change. The Executive Coaching Program is designed to improve performance, benefit from change, develop working relationships and , leverage personal characteristics. Our Entry Level Executive Coaching Program includes:

  • MBTI┬«
  • Situational Leadership┬«
  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills

Career Transition:

Griffin International Inc. provides individualized and group career transitioning services. The transition process prepares the participants with the following necessary tools to implement a successful career transition.

  • Resume: Participants are guided through a resume developing process that results in a "knock you socks off" resume. Additionally chronological resumes can be transitioned to functional resumes.

  • Interview: During Interview Training participants prepare themselves for behavioral, traditional and panel interviews. Professional summary statements and accomplishment scenarios are developed and practiced to assure the participant is the "best person for the job."

  • Networking: Learning new and honing already existing networking skills gives the participants the leading edge in the Number #1 job landing technique.

  • Marketing: Each participant develops individual customized plans for marketing themselves to select target organizations.

Change Management:

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

                                          Henry Ford

It has been said that the only constant is "change." Our CHANGE MANAGEMENT courses are designed to assist organizations in becoming change ready and to maintain their momentum long after change.

Organizational Needs:

At Griffin International, Inc. we realize that not every organizational concern can be resolved by "another training session." It is vital that training be conducted for the right reasons.

  • WHO Needs training
  • WHAT Kind of training is needed
  • WHERE The training should take place
  • WHEN Training is needed
  • WHY Training is necessary
  • HOW To train

Griffin International successfully determines an organization's needs by conducting a needs and gap analysis, which includes taking a close look at the 7 facets of job performance, as well as the following:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Educational Needs Analysis
  • Developmental Needs Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

The results from needs and gap analyses and recommendations for Training: Design, Development and Delivery are provided to our clients in an Executive Summary.

Training: Design, Development and Delivery

Design and Development:

Griffin International customizes training programs to meet the organizational and business objectives of our clients. Our design and development process begins with a brainstorming session and includes the outlining process, the design document process and the creation of participant manuals, leaders' guides, job aides and PowerPoint presentations.

Delivery Methods:

Griffin International invests the necessary time and efforts to determine the best methods for delivering "just in time" solutions The following methods are utilized to bring training:

  • Group Facilation
  • Team Teaching
  • One on One
  • Job Aids
  • Mentoring
  • Interactive Distance Learning
  • Computer Based Training
  • Web Based Training

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